You are currently viewing Nike Zoom Double Stacked Barely Volt Drops on 2nd July

Nike Zoom Double Stacked Barely Volt Drops on 2nd July

Nike (Nike) will launch its latest Zoom Double Stacked sneakers, launched in July with the Barely Volt color scheme.

Nike usually prefers to complete the tasks of ISPA and N.354 through experiments, but if the latest version of the brand has any signs, they will slowly start to promote development through their main line products. The brand’s latest concept is called “Zoom Double Stacked” (Zoom Double Stacked), which not only reflects their efforts in running, but also cooperates with sacai, because it builds a layer instead of two in style and function Layer Zoom Air. The overall appearance of this shoe is quite aggressive, designed to reflect the aesthetics of high fashion within Nike’s patented comfort and technical framework.


Zoom Air emerged through the wedge sole, cushioning the forefoot once and the heel twice, the latter hinting like the pair of shoes of the same name. “Comfort to inform style” is the goal of the design concept to achieve, and because its visual imprint is the largest objectively, the color matching method on the same page is appropriate. The upper is completely with “Barely Volt” tone, and the neon lights make a loud sound. Even with overlapping accents, the heel and shoelaces are treated the same.


Surprisingly, the logo lettering was fused against the background of the same tone, because the micro-pattern is embroidered with side heels, while the unprocessed thin TPU variant is bent to the toes. Learn more about these here, and if you are willing to lower the asking price of $230, they will be available on on July 2.

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